Chris Connors, LCSW
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Chris Connors Counselor Cedar Creek Associates San Marcos TX      Originally from southwest Indiana and Missouri, I have spent the previous 9 years as a mental health counselor for children and adolescents in the public charter school setting, both in Wimberley and Austin.

I have always prided myself on creating calm and nurturing environments where young people begin to feel more at ease, and understand how valuable, how essential, communication is when experiencing some kind of conflict – whether internal or external, and no matter how big or small the issue may be.

I believe all of us possess innate abilities that we can draw upon when we are facing uncertainty, pain, or fear. Oftentimes we are unaware that these strengths even exist, let alone how to spring them into action. We tend to doubt ourselves a lot, most certainly when we are younger and are constantly trying to figure things out – or better yet – trying to figure ourselves out.

My clinical experience weighs heavily in, but is not limited to: treatment for anxiety, depression, complex trauma, grief and loss, healthy relationships, anger and emotion regulation, selfesteem and social skills.

I have always loved working with young people in the therapeutic setting, and have often thought about the origin of this love. As a child and throughout my teen years I did not feel comfortable opening up to anyone. Maybe the opportunities were there and I just didn’t know it. Or maybe I just couldn’t bring myself to trust it. I have grown to learn over the years how much that would have benefited me then. I mention this only to highlight the courage and vulnerability I am aware that it takes to share very personal feelings and experiences with a therapist, who essentially is just a stranger at first.

But as the relationship develops so does that trust, and that is the foundation of what makes therapy such a powerful thing. That is where we begin to flourish.

It is normal to have no idea where to start or what words to use when describing what we are feeling. And that is okay.

I will meet you wherever you are. What I ask in return is that you push yourself a bit past the discomfort – knowing that each time you do you are moving towards making incredible gains for yourself.